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Before discussing the exhibitors and brands that are here, I would like to point out the extra touches housecleaning and the janitorial workers are doing to make this convention a success. In addition, please note that all the product the janitorial staff uses are “green”. Most people don’t spend much time thinking about the quality of the toilet paper,¬†tissues, paper towels, or even hand soap in the public restrooms at conventions, unless of course they run out of them. But for small or large companies or for venues such as our convention halls the ordering of janitorial supplies from cleanitsupply.com whether it be at online stores or at at a brick and mortar store occurs every day. Our janitorial supplier has an online presence which makes ordering much easier. I want visitors to notice not only the high quality of all the toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, hand soaps etc, but to also understand that all these janitorial products are also environmentally friendly. Take for example our toilet paper. It is biodegradable and made from 100% recycled paper fiber which exceeds EPA CPG Guidelines in the US. In fact all the paper products are free of inks, dyes and fragrances as well as meet the Green Seal environmental standard for bleaching, de-inking and packaging. Likewise all the actual cleaning products for the floors, sinks, mirrors, etc are free from harsh chemical fumes or chemical residue. Their cleaning power is derived from the most effective natural sources, such as coconut-based cleaning agent, essential lemon oils, corn-based alcohol and earth-based materials. For those people who are highly sensitive to many cleaning products, to fragrances and harsh chemicals, this venue will definitely make your life much better while you are here. Now. back to the main focal point of this page: the exhibitors!

Visitors will find an exciting fusion of cutting edge, contemporary, traditional, and luxury styles to suit all life styles whether you are looking for footwear for children, women, or men. From baby’s first sweet little shoes, to sports/athletic shoes for the emerging teenager, to stylish business footwear and elegant evening wear, to even the special therapeutic shoes recommended by age management physicians for older patients, you will find a variety and depth of selection at the Shoe and Leather Expo.

Shoe and Leather Fair Middle East and Fashion Arabia the stock everything a buyer wants.

A selection of exhibitors & brands include:

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