Mask Making 1

I  have been working with leather for a fair amount of time. I have done all sorts of projects ranging from simple to elaborately difficult. Leather working is not really very difficult to learn. It just takes some time and patience. Oh, an artistic flair and some imagination help too. Remember, there is an abundance of detailed images online that can help you to get ideas for any type of project you wish to undertake. I have borrowed ideas from other peoples leather working projects in the past several times. Remember that there are rarely ever any two leather projects that come out the exact same. Even if you are trying to duplicate something there are always subtle differences you can notice.

Remember, when you first start you should stick to some of the simpler projects to get a feel for how to handle and care for not only the leather but the tools of the trade as well. I would probably recommend getting a simple start up kit that has several small projects included with the tools and materials you will need to make them. There are different introductory boxed sets to choose from that will all have a different combination of beginner projects to choose from. I started off with a simple leather keychain that contained my initial on either side. It really turned out nice and it came right out of a starter box. You see starting with something small and simple is smart but making that first project something I could carry around with me was a great idea as well. It turns out that people liked the craftsmanship and were always asking me about it. It was not long before I was working hard on finishing up my next project then the next and so on.

I will go over some of the projects I’ve undertaken with success since I started learning how to work with leather. As I said previously I started out with a keychain. After that I do not remember the exact order of projects or even if I can name them all for you but I will name the memorable ones that I have done or the ones that I’ve made several times. Let’s see, there was: sets of coasters, wallets, roses, knife sheaths, sword sheaths, gun sheaths and lots of different style masks. It is the actual mask making process that I would like to walk you through today. You see there re some very basic techniques that you can master then the only thing that will limit you is your imagination and your patience. I promise that if you put the time and effort forth working with the leather regularly you will improve and be able to produce great works.

Acknowledgements for their work in helping others: Solice Fentana – personal injury, Bob Wilson – social security disability, Bojo Martin, foreclosure atty, and Milo Wolman, immigration.

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