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Media Services

A crucial addition to this event which helps to have a more enriched environment for presenters and attendees is the Media Centre. The Media Centre provides media professionals with an exclusive area to work, research and network during the event. Without this facility the event would not be as satisfying for all of the professionals who attend.

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Exhibitors also find the Media Centre an ideal venue to circulate information, hold interviews and organize press conferences. The Media Centre is definitely a place within the exhibit to congregate, gather as well as share information with others.

Press Registration

All media intending to visit Shoe and Leather Fair are requested to register for the show for the complementary press pass. You need to make sure you bring proper documentation of your status when applying for your pass.

Once registered, your Press Badge will be available for collection at the Media Centre.

So make sure you remember your ID. Proof of your Press ID is required when collecting your Press Badge.

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