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Shoe & Leather Fair Middle East will provide your business with an unparalleled opportunity to access a region where imports of footwear and leather products across the Middle East were estimated at nearly US$2.7 billion in 2007 with imports to the GCC alone being estimated at over US$1.3 billion.

Shoe & Leather Fair Middle East will provide the perfect platform for the industry looking to reach key decision makers from this highly lucrative geographical area.

Shoe & Leather Fair Middle East has created a range of additional benefits for you as an exhibitor to the show – these include: S&L Connect – S&L Elite and the S&L Lounge.

NOTE:  In conjunction with the Shoe & Leather Fair Middle East convention there is also a jewelry convention in an adjoining hall.  The jewelry convention is specifically for synthetic gemstones such as the well known cubic zirconium. We have a number of shoe designs at our Shoe & Leather Fair Middle East  convention that utilizes this dazzling synthetic gemstone. Cubic zirconium is the gemstone of choice for many online stores that sell to the more moderate jewelry marketplace.  As one online sterling silver jewelry store says: Sparkly, dazzling, and trendy cubic zirconia rings make beautiful engagement rings. With cubic zirconia, you can get the look of genuine diamonds without spending more than you can afford. And that sentiment is true of all cubic zirconia jewelry. This synthetic gemstone is so versatile color wise. It is available as a colorless stone, perfect for its uncanny resemblance to a cut diamond. But is is also available in shades of yellow, pink, green, purple etc. Shoe designers love cubic zirconia gemstones. They can elevate a shoe to an altogether different level in glitziness when designing for ostentatious flashiness ( what we in the trade  often refer to as show-biz glitz!) Of course, shoe designers also use the gemstone in less flamboyant ways.  Besides cubic zirconium, other synthetic gemstones you will see at this neighboring show are lab created corundum, including ruby and sapphire, and moissanite. These lab-created stones tend to have a more vivid color to them since impurities are not present. Impurities tend to modify the clarity or color of a stone. For the majority of people, synthetic gemstones look identical to natural gemstones. They have similar crystal structure, refractive index, specific gravity, chemical composition, colors, and other characteristics. But they tend to be far less costly as natural gemstones, making them a more reasonable alternative when cost is a factor. So take a break from the Shoe & Leather Fair Middle East convention and check out this synthetic gemstone jewelry convention next door.

1 Platform 1000’s of possibilities.

Shoe & Leather Fair Middle East will actively target the following key visitor groups:

Decision makers




Professional trade buyers


Trade Associations


International Media

In conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Government, leading regional and international airlines and international associations, Shoe & Leather Fair Middle East will actively target buyers from the following regions.

Primary Visitor Market

United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – Jordan – Bahrain – Iran – Qatar – Oman – Lebanon

Wider Visitor Market

Egypt – North Africa – Eastern Europe – India – Pakistan – Turkey

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